About Quantext

What is Quantext?

Simply put, Quantext is text analysis software for teachers. Quantext is designed to quickly extract insights from student text data, be it responses to short answer questions or student evaluation and feedback data.

To register your interest in Quantext or to find out more, please email info@quantext.co.nz.

Quantext development

Quantext is under active development and the latest source code, released under a GPL 3.0 license, is available at http://github.com/quantext/quantext.

Jenny McDonald

Jenny is our founder and chief text wrangler. She's a teacher, academic developer and computer scientist who has worked in the tertiary sector for more than 18 years. She holds an honorary academic role at the University of Auckland's Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education and is an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Centre for Academic Development at Victoria University of Wellington. Supporting educators to better understand their students is what rocks her boat. She’s also fond of ducks.

Email jenny@quantext.co.nz.

Adon Moskal

Adon is the principal designer and developer of Quantext. As well as helping captain the Quantext ship, Adon is a senior lecturer in Information Technology at Otago Polytechnic. He's spent 8 years in teaching and learning, and has a keen interest in learning analytics, student evaluation, and academic development. He is also quite fond of ducks (he thinks they are delicious...)

Email adon@quantext.co.nz.